save a cow, eat a vegetarian!

{November 23, 2006}   POD CAST

My contribution to the pod cast was organising the whole group and getting everyone in order. I wrote the interveiw questions along with Amelia and i did the vox pops questions. I had to tell everyone else what to do but yeah i didn’t mind. so i kinda got named leader in some strange way. everyone was all “maddi what are we doing” so i had to organise coz they expected me to.


{November 15, 2006}   What it means to be ‘Grown up’

I think being grown up is more a state of mind rather that a physical thing. There are laws saying when yopu are an adult, but being an adult doesn’t make you grown up. No one can tell you when you are grown up. you can’t really tell yourself when you are grown up… this is such a hazy issue.

{October 31, 2006}   Werribee DVD

I think that the boys themselves are responsible for the DVD but there may have been some media influence like video games and TV shows. Maybe their parents didn’t teach them wrong from right but this is highly unlikely. Maybe they are just sick in the head. Or maybe they just didn’t think before they acted and made a stupid mistake. AlthoughI”m not saying this justifies what they did, it was sick and wrong. But they obviously need help and they should apologose to the girl and make amends. It is SO wrong what they did but everyone deserves a second chance.

{October 2, 2006}   My story

well. My story is a bit not finished see! but there are some gramma things i need to work on. everything else seems ok. i look forward to finishing it. 🙂

{October 2, 2006}   Jess’s story

Ok, Jess’s story is about a guy called Nathan and a girl called Kari and Mathan’s pregnant mum. They moved into a new house and the spirits that inhabit it are after them and want them gone. They begin a game where they have to win or the spirits will kill someone. There is alot of suspense in this story and i really like it. Jess was very descriptive and made the stry dramatical in an intense way. they way it is written is brilliant and i think she has done remarkably well. I love her writing. She could improve her spelling a bit and her layout needs fixing but the structure of the story is great! there is one bit where she slips between first person and third person but that can be easily fixed. It is great story and i admire the wirk that has gone into it. Well done jess. If you published this i would go out and buy it! well done!

Well! My holidays were awesome!!!!! On Friday, the day before the holidays began, we drove three hours up to springhurst to see my Grandma. We stayed at her place and we had a bonfire and made awesome jewelery! I got some great photos! Then we came home on Sunday. We didn’t do much for the rest of that week.  Oh! BUt i went shopping with Rachel, Lozi, Lisa and Jono on the first monday. Oh!!!! And Lozi vame round on Friday! She slept the night! I was so excited! we watched movies! And my family embarrassed me! Oh man we laughed our asses off at my disfunctional family! we had a great time That was fun! The second weekwe went to the movies and saw BARNYARD. It was so funny! Then on the Thursday of the second week, my cousins and Aunty from Balarat came down to stay! We went to the movies and saw STROMBREAKER. It was soo cool! I’d read the book and loved it so i was really looking forward to the movie and it didn’t let me down. It was really true to the book which i liked. Alot of movies aren’t true to the books they are based on, it annoys me! yeah. Anyway me and my cousin Ben had a slipper fight! we ran around the house slapping each other with slippers, I won!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Well i had a great time with my cousins. they went home on sunday. yeah so you should be very jealous if my holidays coz they were awesome!

{August 24, 2006}   My friend Bill

Ok i have this friend called Bill. He’s a bit of a loony u no? But he’s great and He’s a BFG! He He. Bill is a bit odd

{August 6, 2006}   Rock Eisteddfod

OMG Rock Eisteddfod was awesome! I’ve never had so much fun!!!!! I met a bunch of great people and they made the experience all the better. Wow. there just arn’t words to describe that night u had to be there to understand the atmosphere. It was alive. I had the greatest time i got a thrill off being on stage and i made some great friends in the process. All in all an amazing night that i will NEVER EVER forget thanx to all those who made it special. MWAH I love u all XOXOX *KISS*

{July 20, 2006}   My synopsis thingy

Ok. the title of my “mini masterpiece” is “All the Small Things”. It is a romance novel.

Caitlyn will meet Sebastian, They will fall for each other, They are slowly building a blissfully happy relationship, She is sure she is really in love with him, He cheats on her one stupid drunk night, she gets depressed, they slowly regain trust, Continue to fall heavily for each other, she gets pregnant, they decide to keep the baby and make a life together. Then tradgedy hits………………………………….

{July 19, 2006}   KEVIN!

Ok i hav this really cool friend called Kevin well not really his name is actually Keith. and I’m pissed off with him coz he went round sayin bulls**t bout stuff bout him and me and i don’t like it coz it is degrading to my no existent reputation. He’s my friend still but i’m gonna give him sum hell wen he get’s bak from Cairns!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR >:-(

{July 14, 2006}  

She stood there with the rising sun behind her, the silvery pink glow making her look like an angel. Her hair was being tousled by the gentle breeze. She looked as stunning as ever. Her short pleated skirt barely covered her bottom, her blouse clung to her chest, her long slender legs were the colour of rich caramel, her feet were clad in black stilleto heels. She was classy and sassy. She dominated the deck. She was boss and no-one ever dared question it. No-one knew how she had become to be captain. It was a mystery. Not that any of the sailors were complaining. Stephanie Plum, the smart, sassy, sharp tongued captain had arrived for another days work.

Amsterdam Port was a thing of beauty. It was full of beautiful ships that were clean as a whistle and in exellent shape. The water was clear on this fine morning and the air was warm and gentle, it was the begginings of a fine day. 6:30 in the morning and the dock was quiet. People were still begining to arrive for work and Stephanie watched smiling. Todd was tall, lean and dark. He was vice captain of the Tracey-anne. Stephanies private ship. As he arrived he glanced at Stephanie and smilied. She was amazing, a bombshell. Shame he couldn’t touch her. It took almost all his willpower everyday not to reach out and take her hand pull her in and kiss her long and deep. His groin tightened at the thought.

Stephanie steped on to the deck of her ship and admired it. It was a beautiful ship, much like her vice captain Todd. Now he was beautiful. No! Bad thoughts. Must not think of Todd in erotic ways. Damn. Bad way to start the morning with unprofesional thoughts like that. She took a deep breath and walked to the cabbin. Todd had already began work. “Good morning Todd” Chirped Stephanie cheerfully. “Morning Steph” Replied Todd. “Let’s get this show on the road.” “Yes ma’am.”

{July 13, 2006}   CAROLINE

Caroline is awesome!!!!

I love Caroline

She loves me too

I wish i had Caroline’s brain!!!!!!

I LOVE U CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{July 13, 2006}   LOZZZIII

Lozi is awesome!!!!

She wrote a post bout me!!!!

I ,love lozzie!!!!!!!!!!!

Areoplane lozzie for meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

{July 13, 2006}   Randomness

Ok i’m bored so i decided to make a totally random post!!!

Did you know that on average 14 ppl die from vending machines falling on them every year?

Did you know that the tongue is the strongest muscle in your body?

Did you know that the lady to have the most children was russian and she had 69 children??? Ironic number if you ask me! 🙂

I LOve LoZZiE LotS anD LoTs!!!!! 🙂

I’m so bored rite now!

{July 6, 2006}   Mini novel

Title: Clubber

Main character: Gina Tenilly

Short description: Gina is 16. She is very depressed and lonely. She is slim and beautiful. She has soft auburn hair and sparkling emerald eyes. She has light freckles accross her nose. She is young and naive. She abuses alcohol and abuses her body. Her mum is abusive and doesn’t have time for her. She is messed up just like her unwanted daughter.Gina meets a guy called Rawke and he takes her for a ride that turns her life upside down.

{July 6, 2006}   Spelling test

I got 8/10 i spelt Fiction and Fascist wrong.


This is how i feel

I do not want to live anymore

The pain is just too much

If only i could end it now

Put my misery to an end

I’ve lost my friends

I’ve lost my life

I don’t know who i am

I’ve lost myself

I want to die

My wrists are cut

The world has faded to black

The girl i used to be

No longer exists

Swept away in the storm

I cry one thousand tears

Of mourning

For what i wish i knew

I’m leaving this world

It pain it’s loss

It’s complete and utter darkness

Goodbye cruel world

It’s over now

The pain of the knife

Equals the end of my life

My vision blurrs

The blood pours onto the floor

I hope they miss me

I hope they cry

They deserve all they are getting

On second thoughts

Does anyone know i exist?

My last breath in this world

A beautiful relief at last…..

{June 16, 2006}   Another favourite

I'm not afraid
Of who you are
Or if you'll leave
me With a scar

I'm not afraid
Of what you'll do
No matter what
I will get through

I'm not afraid
Of what you'll say to me
For I can simply

I'm not afraid
Of what will happen next
It really can't be
That complex

I'm not afraid
Of how it ends
No need for that
I have my friends

I'll never be afraid
That's definite
Left on my own
I'll never quit.

{June 16, 2006}   Bits and Pieces

Ok here is a poem i love, i didn’t write it but i love it coz it represents a friendship of mine. U no who u r too!!!

Always feeling alone, until you
I didn’t love myself, until you
I didn’t care about life, until you
I never held a friend’s hand, until you
I never told a friend that I loved her, until you
No one had ever held me for no reason, until you
No one had ever truly known me, until you

Lying in the darkness, without you
I don’t know who I am, without you
I don’t know what to do with myself, without you
How did I ever get by, without you
How did I ever find comfort, without you
Would I have ever seen my true self, without you
Would I have ever known true friendship, without you

{June 15, 2006}   Prejudice

There are many types of prejudice in Australian society. There is racial prejudice definately. People will see someone of a certain race and automaticly assume things about their personality and/or lifestyle. There is an amount of sexism mainly i believe certain males thinking that females are not worth their respect and that they are supirior to them. There is homophobia, where straight people think being homosexual is wrong so will judge and dislike the person that is gay because some see it as dirty, unnatural, a sin and wrong. Homosexuality can also break up a family, this is a form of prejudice. There is also religious prejudice, where if you follow a religion you could be discriminated against for it. There is a religion called wicca, This is a form of withcraft, many people would see this to be evil because the stereotype of whitchcraft is to be evil and sinister. But actually Wicca is a form of white witchcraft where the law is that if you send any negative energy out into the universe then it will come back at you 3 times as strong. This is a form of karma. People would consider you a freak if you followed such religion with is grosly unfair. Prejudice is a latge part of Australian society and i don’t think it will change anytime soon.

{June 14, 2006}   THE FINAL QUARTER

1) Stereotypes do affect the people in ‘Bend it like Beckham’. In many different ways. Yes i believe it impacts on their choices too. Jes has the stereotype that her parents inflict on her and try to make her follow that stereotype. But her personality just doesn’t fit the stereotype that is inflicted on her so she tries to shrug it of. this is one example

2) Yes stereotypes exist in Australian society. Look at all the racism!!!!! Isn’t that a form of stereotyping!? The way you look can determine the veiw of you. Someone will take a glance at you and instantly put ypou in a category. eg. Someone sees a guy in a hoodie, who is black has many gold chains around his neck and big chunky ring on his fingers and jeans half way down. One would instantlt think that guy is a gangsta. see!? it happens everywhere. all the time

3) Yeah I’ve confronted a stereotype before. My parents expect me to be this perfect straight A student who never forgets anything and is all round perfect. Uh Hello!? Not gonna happen! No-one is perfect! It makes life hard for me. Like last year i came home with a report full of A’s and B’s and my mum said to her friend “She could have done better if she actually out an effort in.” That hurt coz i put heaps of effort behind my marks and she just doesn’t get it. I HATE it.

4) Oh easy. Stereotypes are definately influenced by the media. Media tells you how you should look, how you should act, what you should wear, what you should be doing. I think they come from ancestors. They were expected to be a certain way so they expect you to be a certain way. It goes on and on and on.

{June 14, 2006}   My Life Challenge

One of my challenges has definately been body and self image. I've always been quite negative towards myself. I focus on what needs improvement rather than my qualaties. The negativity led to depression and i was stuck in a negative cycle that was bringing me to ruins. I lost intrest in everything and was always body bashing and telling myself how badder person i was and wondered how anyone could like, let alone love someone like me. I thought i was ugly, fat and an all round horrible person. I had a mental list of 'stuf-ups'  and everytime i did something wrong i'd add it to my list and bash myself up about it. It got to a point where i was so depressed that i was self harming to feel better about myself. I wanted to die. The trains at the station looked inviting. To lie under that is. I was socially withdrawing myself and hiding the battered, bruised and bloodied up parts of my body. So no-one would know my awful secret. I was ashamed. And i wasn't getting better in my veiw i was only getting worse. I started to not eat at school i would take stuff so mum wouldn't know but i threw it out as soon as i got to school. Because i was up before everyone else i didn't eat breakfast. I was hitting the rocks. I was a million emotions at once, anger, fear, hope, angst. Always changing, never stable. But always the feelings of sinking were there. Eventually i ended up seeing the school chaplain and began a slow recovery. I was getting better. Then i hit year eight. My world kept spinning out of controll then mending itself, then turning upside down again. I resumed self harming. I hid it well. No-one knew. Not even my boyfriend of the time. I was insane. At least i thought so. My life just wasn't right. I hated everything about it. Everything in it but most of all i hated myself.

I'm still quite negative, I still have image problems. I still get that sinking feeling and i feel like I'm going to relapse. But I'm learning slowly but surely. I've found people who make me feel beautiful no matter what and don't care so much about my character flaws. I know that whatever problems I encounter I can rely on my friends to pull me through. My life saying is "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, But the moments that take our breath away." and "Beauty is only skin deep. Do not love for looks, Love for Heart and Mind instead."

{June 9, 2006}   RANDOM GIBBERISH

I love green, Green loves me. We are a perfect couple. Lauren loves Green too. But not as much as me. I love green more dan anyfink n da world (Well there r a couple of things i can think of so i lied k!) NEWAY! Green is hot. Greeeeeeeeeeeen I Looooooove Greeeeeeen. Greeeenieee Peeenniieee Loves meeeeeeeee. Green is my favourite colour cant you tell! Green, Green, Green. Green with envy!!! Ha Ha Ha!! He He He!!! O Gosh. GREEEEEEEEEEN


     Rightio! City experience. Well it was last week on Wednesday 31st of May Thursday 1st and Friday the 2nd of June. We travelled into the city each morning by train which was loud and cramped and annoying. On the first day Wednesday, my large group got off at Richmond station to go to the MCG for a tour. We spend like 20 minutes trying to find the right entrance (No thanks to Mr Bartlett and Mrs Ortleib!!!). But eventually we found the right entrance and split into two groups of people and went of in different directions with our tour guides. The tour was actually quite boring. I didn’t enjoy it all that much. The only thing I really enjoyed was the arty stuff here and there. Oh one really weird thing that happened was we went up to the top ring of seats at like the top of the building and looked back at the ground. Omigosh that was SO scary!! Way too high for me! And boy was climbing the stairs a drag or what????     Then after the MCG we had lunch at
Southgate food hall which was kinda average. But they have good calamari rings!! Then we were to catch a tram to St Kilda beach. Well no such luck!! Mr Bartlett took us to where we could catch a tram and told us to wait on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!! So we missed our tram. Corin called Mr Bartlett to ask him what to do and he just called us fools and said there would be another one in 12 minutes, and denied all responsibility for the incident (No offence Mr B But it is YOUR entire fault!!!). So we caught the next tram to St Kilda which took about 25 minutes. Yvette of course being Yvette had to point out the prostitute along the way (Nice one Yvette!) Corin kept commenting on the sand in holes in the wall of the tram and Mr Rudd called us to check on us because Jessie’s Mum had called Mr Rudd worried about her, because we missed the tram, which was entirely no fault of our own, cough*Mr Bartlett*cough. We eventually got there, and began to fill out our booklets. First we went to Luna Park where Corin made remarks about the giant face’s nostrils and wondered if she could throw her bag into one. I know you’re thinking “what is wrong with this girl!?”, and to tell you the truth I am still trying to work this out myself. ANYWAY!! Then she proceeded to hug the side of the mouth of the huge face (I wonder if she tasted any good?? I must remember to ask him!). When that was all well and done we went on to the Beach. We walked along the path there (I didn’t want sand in my shoes ok!) until we had completed the questions. We then went to the Veg Out community gardens where some guy invited us in to have a look, he willingly answered our questions until we were done and we left. We then waited for the tram back to Flinders street whilst we were waiting Jessie marvelled at a pigeon with a stump for one foot. While we were on the tram back to the station Mr Rudd called us AGAIN!!! To make sure we were ok. We assured him we were ok and that we would be at the station soon. Then onto the train and home again.    

DAY 2.

 Ok day 2. Well on day 2 we all travelled into the city again. We went first to the Ian Potter Gallery. This was actually quite interesting. We had to carry a little fold up chair around for the tour. We saw paintings from when Melbourne was still in the gold rush period. There is not much to say about the tour because not much happened. We then walked down Swanston Street to find the Crossways restaurant. Mrs Ortlieb had trouble finding this place too. We had to double back on ourselves to find it. Crossways was not that brilliant. It was food that is about all I can say for it. I’m not going back there again. We then broke up into our smaller groups. We went to the
Rialto observation deck. This was kinda creepy actually. We were so freaking high up!!! It took a lot of courage for me to go and touch the glass and look down. It was a great view though! We pottered around there for a while answering question etc. until we had to go. We had a bit of trouble getting Corin to leave the building she wanted to stay there forever. But eventually we dragged her ass to the lift and got her on the ground. We then went on to the GPO. The GPO was ok. Nothing brilliant just a lot of really expensive shops that were really big. After we answered our questions there we went had to go to a small church nearby. We saw a Bum there and Corin gave him some money. We then went on to the QV centre. This was hard to find we resorted to asking some guy on the street and he said “Um you’re right in front of it.” We were SO embarrassed but we laughed it off and did our work. The QV was so cool there were so many shops I got quite excited! We then went to Melbourne Central well we got there but realised that we didn’t have the time to do it because we had to get back to Flinders street station. So we went back.    


On day three we went to the Old Melbourne Gaol. This was good up until I got told I was standing where people were executed. Then the guide started telling us about how they were hung and all the gory stuff. And I blocked my ears. But the tout guide was talking so damn loud that I could still hear it all. Mat looked at me and goes are you alright? And I just shake my head. I must have been really pale of something. Jodie left crying and I followed her lead and left. I actually found the whole death thing creepy. I mean we were standing right where people’s lives were brought to and end! That is so not right. After that we went and had lunch wherever. And then we went to the Arts Gallery. That was awesome. I really enjoy art. I loved the ancient Egyptian stuff they had on display. I’m a sucker for ancient Egypt. Then after that was all done we went home again. Ok my Evaluation DON’T go to the Old Melbourne Gaol and NEVER let Mr Bartlett put you on a tram!!!!

Did you have trouble getting to the places you needed to be?Yes we had trouble getting to St Kilda. Mr Bartlet put us on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!!! So we therefore missed our first tram and had to wait for another one. So by the time we got there we had limited time to complete the tasks required. But other than that we had no troubles. Oh except finding the QV centre. We asked some poor guy out on the street where it was and he goes. “Umm you’re like standing right in front of it.” We were SOOO embarrassed! 

Were the maps you had useful (did they help you find your way)?Yes the maps were very useful I had mine out all the time as I was like silently elected as our group’s navigator. So if I didn’t have the map I dunno where we would have ended up. 

Did you work effectively as a team?Yes we did, we all got along really well and worked together and laughed when someone effed up. It was great.Which was your favourite activity?Um I really liked the rialto and the Arts centre was so cool! The
Rialto was a bit too high for my liking though. I mean what if the glass broke and I fell out!!!!!!
What activities would you not do again?The Old
Melbourne Gaol. I got really disturbed during that and left for most of the tour because the things they were talking about really shook me up. Oh and Crossways was pretty average, nothing great not something I’m going to go out of my way to eat again.

What were the highlights of the City Experience for you?The whole thing was something amazing! It was so cool. Just the whole experience had me in awe.

What surprised you most about the city?How busy it is!!! I’m used to it on ANZAC day when there are no trams and I’m marching up to the shrine!! WOW! It was kinda gross really you have like NO personal space!

What were the main problems you encountered?Missing our tram to St Kilda (MR BARTLET!!!!) and trying to find the QV centre (So embarrassing)

If you organized the City Experience next year, what changes would you make?Nothing, well not really, less questions because a lot of people ran out of time to finish the questions, so maybe an extra day to catch up on anything you missed.Explain why you did or did not enjoy the City Experience as a whole.I enjoyed it because you got to do it in your own group and you learnt how to get around
Melbourne (Don’t trust Mr Bartlet!!! He’ll put you on the wrong tram!!). And you got to see a lot of it in just three days. So cool.   

{May 29, 2006}   More about me and OCD

Ok i've realized some more weirdo OCD stuff that i do. Ok when i put cutlery in the cutlery thing in the dishwasher the opposite sides HAVE to match. Like if there is 3 forks in one then 3 forks have to be in the other one. And when i'm emptying it i pull out ALL the knives before i take out ANY spoons etc. I get dressed in a cretain order too it never changes. and when i put shoes on the left one ALWAYS goes on first. i don't like change. it shits me. like big time. Routine makes my life work smoothly. I am sooo weird.

Luv Moo -xoXox-

{May 16, 2006}   RANDOM THOUGHT!!!!! :)

Ok my question. Why do we keep putting ourselves in situations where we know we are going to get hurt? Take relationships. We enter one we get our heart broken, we do it again and again and again. Why????? Is it because we are all caught up in this fantasy of 'handsom princes' and 'happily ever after' ???????? Why do we do this to ourselves? We just keep getting hurt!!! 😦  It is all just a vicious cycle of self destruction. I don't get it but it's what we do.

{May 15, 2006}   All About Me

Ok most of you know this but my name is Maddi,
I am currently 14 and will be turning 15 on New Years Eve this year. I have brown hair, blue eyes and i am 154cm tall.

My Favourite colour is Green. I like laughing and i love to make people laugh. One of my favourite things to do is to make someone laugh either at me or at themselves. I love someone with a good sense of humor, who isn’t too serious and can laugh at themselves. I’m crazy apparently and totally abnormal. I say there is no such thing as normal. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) I count things, everything must be colour coded or in some form of order. I randomly go and fix ppls colars, and i am a crazed perfectionist. It’s annoying to most ppl. Not my fault though. Basicly i’m weird. My favourite qualities in a person are Honesty, good humor, loyalty and friendly. there are many more but. i can’t be bothered listing them all. Hope this explains a bit about me. Love ya all! Luv Maddi -xoXox-

{April 20, 2006}   STEREOTYPES

I think that being thought of as a stereotype could affect someones career because if your stereotype has a negative image then people will be less inclined to employ you because they will think that you are unable to handle the job. This is unfair but unfortunately this is how people think. It could affect their personal life because people may say they don’t associate with that type of person or their family might cast them out because what they’ve heard about that stereotype is negative. it may affect hoe society sees them either in a positive or negative light. This is how stereotypes can affect people.

{April 12, 2006}  

Article 1.jpgArticle 2.jpg

{April 12, 2006}   WTF

I Wanna no WTF is goin on in ppls heads these days!!! All it’s about is how prety/skinny sum1 is compared 2 sum1 else. NOTE TO ALL AIRHEADS!!!!!! it doesn’t matter wot u look like coz if any1 really likes u they wont care wot u look like so GROW UP!!!!!! And if ur tellin sum1 that ur prettier than them and skinner that them then u r a sad loser coz it mean u r really insecure and think it is ok 2 make ppl feel down about themselves. GET OVA URSELVES!!! I JUST DOESN’T MATTER!!!!! So stop body bashing ur self n ESPECIALLY OTHER PPL!!!! Coz that just makes u a stupid ass. So again to those SORE LOSERS….. GET A LIFE!!!! and stop pissin otha ppl off.

{April 6, 2006}   I HATE Bullies!!!!!!!!!!!

Bullies suk!!!! I hate the way they try to manipulate you for their own personal gain. They think it's okay to try and make you miserable. I hate seeing people reduced to a quiverring mess because someone has bullied them it makes me so angry because i have had it happen to me and i was horribly affected by it. Bullies are really sad people because they feel that they have to make someone else feel horrible about themselves to make hem feel good about themselves. take this for example, someone says that you are fat and that they are prettier than you in every way. They obviously feel that their body has big blemishes and that by saying that someone elses body has even bigger blemishes they can believe that their body isn't as bad as they thuoght it was.So to all you people who are being bullies get ova urselves and GROW UP u don't have to make someone else feel crap. And to all of you who are being bullied, be positive and feel sorry for the bullies, not yourself, you are not the one with the problem THEY are. Find strength in that knowledge. Good luck people! Be positive!!!

{March 28, 2006}   My Holidays

Over the holidays i went to the movies and saw 'When a Stranger Calls' it was really scary!!!!!! I went with Reiden. It was a brilliant movie even if i was scared out of my brains! The story is basicly that a girl is babysitting at some desolate place and she gets all these strange calls from a stranger (hence the name!). She thinks nothing of it at first but gradually becomes more freaked out by it and decides to call the police. The police told her to try and keep him on the phone for 60 seconds so they could trace the call. After a few attempts she managed to hold the line.The police called her and franticly told her that the call was coming from inside the house. Then she saw her best friend dead in an upstairs room. She began to run and grabbed the kids and got them to hide the guy started to chase them and they hid in the big aviary. Then the girl turned around and he was pressed against the glass of the aviary she turned on the watering system so they were surrounded by a watery mist and they couldn't be seen she got the kids to hide in a hole and she hid in the water under the bridge. The stranger found his way into the aviary and walked on the bridge over her head, she ducked under the water and saw the maid dead on the bottom of the pond. he started to grab at her and she finnaly managed to get out of the house.

The police came and took him away and she finnally got a look at the man's face who had so mercilessly chased her and killed her best friend. The final scene shows her in a phsyciatric hospital and she has a hallucination of some sort that he is in the hospital. The final visual you see is of her kicking and screaming and the doctors and nurses trying to restrain her. I'm now very paranoid about being home alone. Which i think is understandable. But the movie was very well made. i liked it.

{March 28, 2006}   DOLLY This site is one of my favourites because it is the website of my favorite magazine DOLLY i am subscribed to this magazine and love to read it whilst enjoying a hot chocolate. The site is good because there is more for you to do and an oppertunity to send in your stories and photos to appear in the next issue of DOLLY. You can send in embarrasing stories, poems, comments on articles that appeared in the latest issue, enter a competition called 'shout out' where you can voice your oppinions on any issue that you feel strongly about, the winner gets their entry printed in the next issue and a small prize each month. There are also activities like 'rate the babe' and numerous quizzes and also online polls on various issues. The site is changed every month simutaniously with each issue. this is why i have included this link.

I chose ‘Scenes from an italian restaurant’ because it is a song that i have grown up with and have only recently been re-introduced to it (Billy Joel) now that I’m older i actually understand what his music is all about. ‘Scenes from an Italian restaurant’ is one of my favourites. The story in this song is the narrator meeting up in an italian restaurant with an old friend and going over high school memories, like the music the ‘teenage nights’ and the story of the ‘popular steadies’ Brenda and Eddie. the song has four parts. the begging about being in the restaurant and next is the bit about the teenage nights and then a bit about Brenda and Eddie and then it goes back to the same format as the start, being in the restaurant.

{March 9, 2006}   ENVY


A powerful emotion

Triggers hate and greed

I see her sweet talking my best friend

And envy burns deep

Maybe because I’m threatened?

She’s prettier than me.

They all seem to like her

More than they evey liked me

My envy triggers hatred

I want to see her dead.

The people that I love the most 

Are dragged in by her air

They spend more time with her than me

I just want to scream

I taste bitter fury.

Before she came,

I had power

Now that power’s gone

I want it back so desperately

With a deep and dreadful longing

All the while the hatred grows.

The hatred is so strong, she haunts my dreams

Laughing in my face

Telling me she’s better than me

In each and every way

I wish that she would dissapear

Never to be seen again

And then i would be free

Free from



{March 1, 2006}  

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{February 15, 2006}   Mi Baby

My favourite charactor

{February 15, 2006}   The first entry


It was in the air, that uneasy feeling, the one where you know something bad is going to happen and you can just feel it? The air was thick and heavy with it. I was walking home from a party at my friend Alahnah’s place. I dislike parties, they are all formal and full of strange people. Alahnah’s mum, Lady Taylor, was forever holding parties and inviting me along. At every one I was introduced to at least three strangers. It’s no use saying no to one of Lady Taylor’s invites, she would always manage to persuade you into coming. I was the envy of many of the ladies in town. Most of them would kill someone to receive an invite. But this was only because the parties often played host to many earls, viscounts and occasionally a duke. Lady Taylor was well known, people from seven or eight towns away were familiar with her name. Lady Taylor was as rich as they get. But the thing I admired most was that although she was rich she was not materialistic. Many that had that kind of money became materialistic, snobby and conceited. Yes she had servants but she also loved to bake cakes and pastries in her spare time. Before I knew it I had arrived at my front door. I retreated upstairs to my bedroom, undressed and clambered into bed. But I still had that uneasy feeling, like someone was watching my every move.

{February 15, 2006}   What’s up?

Hey i’m maddi!, I live in kilsyth south and my blog will contain stories, diary entries, poetry etc. I will be unloading alot of creative energy into this blog and i hope you enjoy reading it! Please feel free to leave comments, i really appreciate that. thanx a bunch!

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